Mylo – Muscle Car (9th January 2006 on Breastfed)

Following the massive top 3 UK chart smash ‘Doctor Pressure’, Mylo’s fourth consecutive & highest Top 20 hit so far, Mylo is set to release new single ‘Muscle Cars’. One of the many highlights from his quarter of a million selling debut album ‘Destroy Rock & Roll’ (which we aim to have at Platinum status by the end of the year) the single features Freeform Five and is backed by mixes from Tiga, Sander Kleinenberg and DJ T. After a triumphant summer which saw Mylo and his band destroy every major festival at home and abroad they have just completed their largest UK headline shows to date. Following the sold out UK tour Mylo & his band will be heading to the US where finally the album will be released early in the New Year. Lamacq Live Headline session 14th November.

Watch the brilliant video here


Label: Breastfed


For some, producing dance music is a natural step. Not for 24-year-old Scot, Myles MacInnes. His trajectory is one that takes in a childhood on the Isle of Skye, low life in London and Paris and academia in Oxford and Los Angeles. In 2001 he returned to Scotland with one purpose - to submerge himself in music. Now, three years later, his debut album is ready and he’s set to rock the world with a stack of jaw-dropping tracks.

"I'm just trying to keep having fun in the studio," he begins."In saying that, it's got to have impact, otherwise I just don't see the point". Listening to MacInnes’ debut single it’s obvious that impact isn’t his only weapon. The high-octane guitar chords, heavy-duty beats and raucous vocals of “Destroy Rock’n’Roll” are backed with the sun-kissed chords and bay-area beats of “Sunworshipper”. MacInnes is equally happy warming the soul as he is rocking the floor.

Growing up in Skye, one of the furthest-flung corners of Northern Europe, MacInnes couldn't be too choosy about his sources of music. "Basically we had Atlantic 252,” he explains. “It was this kind-of soft rock station on long-wave. We all believed it to be transmitted from a boat floating out in the mid-Atlantic. It probably wasn't true. I don't know who started that rumour. It's a nice image though - I always imagined it to be this enormous oil tanker getting thrown around on the seas, totally empty apart from this DJ in stonewashed denims up on the bridge with his records."

Music continued to part of his life when he left the island to go to Oxford University. "I think I was listening mainly to speed garage and charity shop records at that point", he recalls. "What else? A real mixture – anything from Squarepusher to Serge Gainsburg, Daft Punk to Kraftwerk."

A couple of years later, he found himself taking up a scholarship to do a Philosophy PhD at UCLA, California. "It was a great time," he says, wistfully. "I had this old VW Scirocco, and a lot of time to just drive around with the radio on. There's this vibe to West Coast music, they're really living in paradise but they're still completely fucked-up, and you can hear that in everything from Randy Newman to Dr. Dre."

After a year, he decided to take a break, come home to Scotland and start making records of his own. With influences ranging from seventies intellectuals Steely Dan and eighties soft-rockers Toto to current producers like Akufen and Chicken Lips, it’s no wonder the results are so startling. "I don't know much about genres," he confesses. “To me, a good record is a good record, and that’s it.”

In 2001 he moved to Glasgow. “Things began to snowball very quickly,” he explains. "I sent my first demos off and, straight away, got a couple of offers.” After considering the deals, he decided to go it alone, and with the backing of a couple of friends Breastfed Music was born.

Since then, the response has been overwhelming. The Face have described him as “Scotland’s answer to Royksopp”, the NME have declared him one to watch for 2004. The singles following “Destroy Rock & Roll” have received plays and support from radio (Pete Tong to Mary Anne Hobbs) as well as massive club exposure (Erol Alkan, Tiga, Laurent Garnier, X-Press 2, Freeform Five to name but a few). In fact X-Press 2 and Freeform Five liked “Muscle Cars” so much, they asked to remix it. For free.

Listening to the opening three songs on “Destroy Rock & Roll”, MacInnes’ debut album, it’s obvious the young Scot has produced a long-player that rivals the likes of Air’s “Moon Safari”, Daft Punk’s “Homework” and Royksopp’s “Melody AM”. 2004 is going to be his year.

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